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But your fees are very expensive...

I often get new patients who say homeopathy is expensive. As per US law homeopathy does not come under main health care system. It comes under alternative health care and so is not covered under insurance.

I feel homeopathy is not an alternative treatment rather it’s a complementary treatment. Mainstream health care system helps us in understanding diagnosis, prognosis of each case with thorough investigations. This helps us in selecting individualistic remedies which has specific action on the cause.

Consider some questions...

How much we spend on insurance yearly?

How much hospitals charge for each visit?

Does your physician listen patiently to your issues and tries to understand the root cause?

Does any physician bother to check on you once your visit is over?

We don’t just charge for your time during the appointment consult. For instance, in addition to the 2 to 2.30 hours of chronic case discussion, we spend anywhere between 3 to 4 hours for studying and making references after the consultation is over. This increases with the complexity of the cases.

Consider the amount spend on recurring and rising conventional medicine costs yearly versus the amount you spend on homeopathic consultations and following the preventive recommendations. Some studies have observed that in the long run homeopathic treatments have saved costs that are associated with conventional medicines since homeopathic remedy's ability to strengthen the immunity.

Review from one of the clients on our homeopath group whose husband had a consultation for an acute issue

"Best $45 I ever spent. Which in a lot of cases, in the US, that would be the cost of a doctor visit with insurance. He is 99.9% well after three days. Please don’t hesitate if in doubt. Get a kit and be ready. I am ever so thankful I found this page."

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