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Homeopathy and Myths around it...

Often times when I meet people, they innocently ask some questions or pass comments on something they have heard or read about homeopathy. Most of it stems from incomplete understanding of homeopathy. Homeopaths like me, worldwide, observe and deal with many such misconceptions and myths on a daily basis.

Here are some....

MYTH: All pills are same, small, white, sweet...

FACT: Homeopathic remedies are medicated with different types of liquid medicines which is formulated for individualistic person.

MYTH: Homoeopathy works slow.

FACT: Many people don’t realize that they come to a homeopath only when the acute condition has become chronic in nature and when their bodies can no longer sustain the persistent use of conventional medicines. Read acute and chronic diseases here.
The speed of any treatment depends on the nature of the disease, duration of illness and pathology involved, thus naturally it takes longer time for the healing due to longer immunity suppressions of the conventional medicines.

MYTH: Homeopathy can not be taken with conventional medicines.
FACT: Homeopathic remedies can be taken with conventional medicines by following proper gap between the two medicines under the suggestions of professional homeopaths.

Myth: The magic pills
Fact: Some people and even some homeopaths say that homeopathic remedies can cure each and every illness in this world. The fact is, like other branches of health care, homeopathy has its own limitations. Nothing is ultimate in this universe.

Myth: Homeopathy can cure only functional disorders and not the advanced diseases.
Fact: There are some well documented cases where reversal of advanced changes are also available depending on the individualization of each case.

You will find many interesting published articles below

Myth: The placebo effect
Fact: Many feel that homeopathy is more of placebo effect and faith healing. This is a very contentious issue and many studies have been made, most without a conclusive verdict, considering the empirical studies. However, the scientific blind studies have indicated that homeopathy is far above the placebo effect.

Myth: Homeopathy cures all diseases.
Fact: No system of medicine can cure all the diseases. All the health care systems can work complementary to each other, acknowledging scope and limitations of each rather than being in the competition or hierarchy of the best version. Each branch of medicine and health care, be it allopathy/modern medicine, ayurveda, naturopathy and homeopathy has its place in our lives and should be utilized appropriately.
For instance, truly surgical cases, inborn structural defects, accidents, fractures there is no alternative to modern medicine for immediate treatment or surgery. But proper utilization of homeopathy along with naturopathy and lifestyle changes can make the recovery faster and avoid recurrences. Such a team work can be a boon to the sufferings of the people.

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