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I am a M.D. Homeopath from the beautiful and diverse country of India. I have been practicing and consulting Homeopathy and Reiki over 13 years. Understanding the depth of Holistic healing I have taken certification in Past Life Regression (PLR).  I am also a member of NASH &  BAHA. The successes of a range of cases over these years have only re-affirmed my faith in the system of homeopathy along with proper applications of yoga, healthy diet and meditation.

Let me take you through my evolving journey of finding my essence.

At an early age, I was suffering from a long, recurring sinusitis. This was taking a lot of toll when growing up with frequent acute headaches, poor concentration, appetite and thus affecting my academics. It was during my all-important examinations that I was introduced to homeopathic treatment and recovered well within a fortnight without any side effects or usual drowsiness of other medications. Indeed, homeopathy proved to be my savior in my important school years.

This got me intrigued and I inquired a lot about this form of medicine to my doctor. I learned about the holistic concepts, the science and spirituality aspects of homeopathy. It was then I decided my career path to be a homeopathic doctor and practitioner.  

My teachers at the medical school believed in my ambition and would often say I could become a good

homeopath. I realized a need to be equipped for handling emergencies and learned E.M.S. To be proficient in any field it is not enough to just have the degrees or certifications. One should really go through the experiences of real life to grasp the varied intricacies the field has to offer. To gain more experience I joined the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR-Dr. M.L.Dhawale) and further examinations for Standard Clinical Records (SCR). I learned much more in those couple of years than I would have by merely practicing in the clinic. This has helped me in great deal to apply the same holistic approaches in treating my patients. I am indebted to my teachers and mentors Dr. Phansalkar, Dr. Rahul, Dr. Prakash, Dr. Pravin, Dr.Tamanna for their invaluable guidance. 

In five & half years of homeopathic course subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, surgery, gynaecology, Medicine are studied in depth. Indeed it includes study of Organon, Materia Medica, History of Medicine, Repertory along with one year of internships in hospitals. She considers the diagnosis, lab Investigations & advice of conventional medicine while giving Homeopathic treatment to her patients.


Life is the greatest teacher and one of the biggest learning from it is to have balance in one own’s life. In the process of becoming, 'Reiki' was an awakening experience. I got introduced to Reiki and meditation which helps me find the balance at work, personal and family fronts. Reiki has also allowed me to help my patients with good results. These experiences have made me realize the importance of holistic healing in true sense. I believe there is a great synergy between Homeopathy, Reiki and Yoga. When there is ‘un–ease’ at mind level, there is a ‘dis–ease’ at a physical level. Reiki helps re-balance the chakras and restore the flow of energy. This has helped me to live a conscious and mindful life. Pain is intrinsic to our life, but the wise heal the sorrows with the holistic approaches. Medicines help to cure the diseases but nurturing communication heals the heart and mind.

After moving to California I had to leave behind 8 years of busy homeopathic practice. I was determined to pursue something related to medical field. I completed my dental assistant certification and worked in a well known dental clinic for about a year. However homeopathy kept calling me back and I continued to practice homeopathy with online consultations. Being able to consult online, enabled me to help many people in distress very effectively during covid times for various ailments. 

I would love to explore homeopathy around the world. It would be my privilege to be a part of your journey of well-being.

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