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Clarence Kehoe - Allergic rhinitis

New Jersy

No more stuffy nose, headache, burning in my chest or lungs, that feels better. No more aching. 

I slept fairly well last night. So overall an improvement! Thanks.

Alexandra Breckenridge - sore throat, dry cough


 My sore throat and cough is 90% better. Thank you!

Olga forde - Recurring cystitis


Burning, stinging pain is gone in 1 hour after the remedy. So thats great. No nausea, slept well. Urine frequency is much controlled. 

Most symptoms are almost resolved!!

Thanks for your help Priyanka!

Martin Yarolim - Apthous ulcers, fever and dry cough.


Thanks so much for your help! He felt a lot better. he was finally able to sleep well. No fever again. His ears and cough not as bothersome. Mouth ulcers are much better. He is up playing and smiling! 

Jad Darwiche - Diarrhea and vomitting


He is doing great within 24 hours. No more fever, bloating and burping stopped and diarrhea got a lot better, longer gaps to use bathroom. 

Jennifer P - Recurring allergic cold and otitis media


My cat seems improved and he slept much better! His sneezing is still better.  I haven't seen any nasal discharge or eye discharge today. Not seeing a ton of ear discharge, no foul smell. He flicks his tail on the floor and looks unhappy!!  I appreciate your help!!!

 Y. Geiger - Haemorroids (37 weeks pregnancy)

Oklahama, USA

Yes! I was SOOOO thankful! You got the remedy just right!!! I noticed a significant improvement in the level of pain within the first couple of doses.


A. S - Teeth clenching, TMJ pain & Anxiety

New york, USA

My palpitations and anxiety are much better. Teeth clenching, digestion, and TMJ pain improved a lot. I am so happy to feel energetic. No need to take rest after each work. I have  used homeopathy for the very first time in my life and it has helped me.
Thank you! 

Tami - Hypothyroidism, and scoliosis 

Texas, USA

My brain fog is almost gone and I am able to think properly without feeling overwhelmed. Sleep has improved well and is refreshing. I can remember my lost child without having any crying episodes and surprisingly not get stuck in her memories too. My sacroiliac joint pain, lower back pain are zero. My energy levels are 80-90% better that I don't even have to take a 2 hours afternoon nap.


I can't believe homeopathy can have such a fantastic effect on our emotions.

Thank you very much Priyanka!

D B - Diabetic foot, anxiety, urine incontinence, dry mouth,high cholesterol

Kansas, USA

I was frustrated with a lot of medicines for 17 years, in spite of following the diet my body was not responding to modern medicines. BSL range was 340-370, HbA1c10.8. I had a long history of burning feet. I was losing sensation in my feet. I could not sense I am wearing slippers. Gradually I developed a diabetic foot, the wound was not healing and was getting worse. Priyanka helped me a lot in this critical journey. I was not sure what homeopathy can offer in such an advanced problem but I must say it left me astonished with its effective results!

Charlet - Allergic dermatitis with cold

Iowa, USA

Thank you for your help! She is improving well. Her rashes are almost gone, with no itching, redness. Her cold is also better and most importantly she is eating well, active. 

Sabarjit K - Diabetes type 2, frozen shoulder, constipation, OA, high cholesterol

New Jersy, USA

Suffering from Frozen shoulder, Diabetes, constipation, Osteoarthritis, Weakness, High BP, High cholesterol & Triglycerides, Anxiety, very light sleep for 13 years was not easy for me. Life became so restricted with all the complaints. Even after taking a lot of allopathic medicines, Painkillers almost every day & became dependent on allopathic medicines without any relief. I heard about Priyanka from a relative and they gave us good feedback during pandemic 2020.


After I started her homeopathic remedies, I felt much better with frozen shoulder. I was unable to hold a glass of water earlier, the next month I could color my kitchen & I could carry my Grandson. I was unable to walk for even 15 mins, now can walk morning & evening for 1 hour without any weaknessor pains. Anxiety has settled down, sleep, Constipationmproved. Feeling fresh.All the lab reports are improving gradually since westarted with Homeopathic remedies. I would recommendtaking Homeopathic remedies.


Thank you, Priyanka!

Laura - Diarrhea

Kansas, USA

My daughter says she’s feeling much better and hasn’t had diarrhea since we started the remedy. She even had her dinner properly. Thank you so much! 

Daneyelle - Viral fever, anxiety

North Carolina, USA

Thank you so much for going through this with me and helping me in my fever with horrendous aches and pains, fatigue, anxiety, Nausea. Homeopathy was very very helpful!

I appreciate your help Priyanka!

Monique - Viral fever

Tennessee, USA

I got infected with the virus and suffered for 6 days. With homeopathy, it looks like everything is working beautifully to me!


  • After 1st dose within 45 minutes - hungriest I’ve been in a number of days (yay!)

  • seems like lungs are clearer/easier to breathe (It was difficult before - yay!)

  • yesterday my mouth was super dry and I couldn't get enough water/moisture - today seems normal (yay!)

  • Slept straight through 5-1/2 hours last night without waking once because of coughing (first day in a long time - yay!)

  • Have far fewer episodes of coughing, and they aren't as "uncontrollable" as before (yay!)

  • I felt pretty good yesterday after 2 doses that I ended up working for my clients until almost 2 am (perhaps overdid it!)

      Thank you, Priyanka! 

Komal - Kidney stone

Pune, India

My 6 mm kidney stone passed through urine in just 2 days with homeopathy!

My doctors had advised me to get it operated.

Thank you for helping me Priyanka.

Asher - Fever

Texas, USA

After speaking with you last night I gave my son 2 doses of your homeopathic remedy and today

The fever was gone. He woke up this morning with no fever and has not had any today. He seems more himself today and is talking and wanting to do things. His appetite is back as well as his thirst. Thank you.

Melissa - Fever, asthma & anxiety

Florida, USA

Hi, I am feeling much better today. Was able to get up without dizziness and have some breakfast. Temperature is getting better and is now 98.1 so getting closer to my normal. Thank you so much for helping me through this illness and helping me to feel better quickly. I had also lost some of my faith in homeopathy after taking care of clients in our school clinic but you have helped restore my love of and faith in homeopathy.

It actually does work!

I feel like I would like to take a chronic consultation with you for recurring asthma, IBS and anxiety.

Thank you Priyanka!

Emily - Hives

San Francisco, USA

Priyanka, I could see the surprise change in my daughter, She is able to enjoy her Nut butter, Avocados, Tomatoes without getting any episodes of hives. I feel her gut is recovering from homeopathy. We appreciate your help!

Sanavi M - Performance anxiety

Pune, India

I had a high fever & panic attack just a day before my scholarship exam. After talking to Priyanka, I got some stability & her words motivated me. I took her homeopathic pills as per her advice. The very next day I could perform very well in my exams & today I got my scholarship exam results with good marks. I received good rewards from my teachers, parents & friends. Priyanka you have played big part in my success today. I thank you very very much!

Sharda - foot corns

Mumbai, India

I had developed 2 foot corns on bottom of my left foot. One was just below the great toe & another on the side of the feet. I couldn’t stand or walk. I would get severe lightening pains if I try to stand. I tried changing my slippers, had pain killers for a month but nothing could help me. With one of my relatives reference I took consultation with Dr. Priyanka. Her medicines helped me a lot in 3 days I got better & I could walk like earlier. Thank you Priyanka.  

Sandhya - Silent grief, anxiety and Insomnia

Mumbai, India

I was suffering from Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Continuous Weeping, confusion, hopelessness. I tried allopathic medicines without any relief in my symptoms. I would walk restlessly at nights & weeping continued.

I got reference from my colleague she had good experience with Dr. Priyanka. I got relief in 4 days. I was able to understand the cause of my sufferings, sleep improved, weeping

episodes stopped completely, with good clarity I could get back to my routine. My improvement allowed Allopathic doctors to stop my anti-anxiolytic, Tranquilizers & anti-depressants.

I appreciate her help in my most needful time. Thank you. 

Allison P - Acute bronchitis and anxiety

Connecticut, USA

Just wanted to leave a note that I owe much gratitude to Priyanka. I suffered from a severe episode of asthma with anxiety. I started loosing hope for my life & I will not be able to see my 4 small kids again. Her remedies helped me regain my normal breath back. No more anxiety. She is so incredibly patient, and so kind and thoughtful in her approach to healing. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. Thank you, Priyanka.

Ketan - Generalized anxiety disorder, chronic constipation

Washington, USA

I was suffering from extreme acidity, indigestion and anxiety issues related to my health and fear of covid-19 lead to Panic attacks & I would end up calling 911. They would find everything normal & send me home. I had received homeopathy treatment for cold when I was a child and My Parents have received treatment from Dr Priyanka before that’s how I approached and consult her for my issues.
Dr Priyanka had a holistic approach for the treatment for the above mentioned issues.
Her Homeopathic medicine worked silently while I was receiving treatment.
She helped me break down and understand the food habits I should adhere to.
Along with the digestion related issues, She also helped overcome my anxiety and fear related to health. Quiet patiently she helped me understand all possible emotional blocks leading to Panic episodes. In this process I could acknowledge my inner disturbance and this has helped me understand my overall perspective of life in general.
I saw a significant improvement in my digestive health as well as mental health. My Acidity and digestion related issues went away completely.
No Panic attacks & No 911 calls.
My Anxiety also reduced by a significant amount.
This holistic approach made me Mindful of my body and my mind.
Even after the treatment is over I still find her treatment helpful during the time of stress.
It definitely helped me cut down on my allopathic medicines dependency and more than that, She helped me more self aware about how
I personally do not want to be dependent on medicines for life, so in order to do that you should proactively keep yourself healthy through good food and exercise.

It definitely gave me hope in my worst time, also during the beginning of the treatment, when I thought I would get panic attack Dr.Priyanka helped me understand the situation and how to calm yourself in such cases, which is still useful after the treatment is over. I thank Dr Priyanka for the help and I would definitely recommend this to others.

I think the pandemic made people suffer most with emotional and mental issues. those experiencing mental issues because of pandemic, one thing i will share from my personal experience is when I was suffering from the health issues, there was a time where I thought this is going to continue for lifetime and I have to spend rest of my life eating medicines every day, but in the rest of the year, I could enjoy all the good foods that I wanted to eat which I thought I will never eat because I had restricted my diet because of health issues. when I was not able to do 5 suryanamaskar in a row, now I can do 12 namaskar in 8-10 minutes, I recently did a hiking trip where we did 50 miles of hiking in 5 days. So the bad times and bad experiences will go away, you need to focus on the positives and have a belief that times will change.

Shital N - Migraine

Pune, India

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Priyanka Mam 😊. I had consulted her almost 5 years back for Migraine problem.

I had tried allopathy before trying homeopathy, but it didn’t help. After starting my treatment with Dr. Priyanka, I could notice the positive difference within few days. Eventually Migraine is completely cured and now I m not facing that problem at all. Recently I was having some queries related to health and I realized my doctor is just a phone call away.


She is one of the wonderful personalities I have met. She is really patient, genuine and gives helping hand when u need healing touch for your health issues. She is friendly yet professional in her role. And her work is really appreciated 😊



Baljinder S - Viral fever

New Jersey, USA

Sat Shri Akaal, Priyanka,


I want to let you know that my result came negative, you helped me and my whole family in this period with your kind advise, guidance and homeopathy medicine, you saved my life from COVID-19, I know I can't pay back whatever you have done to me, my daughter said she would like to say thanks to you in her way, so please provide me your mailing address.

Thank you.

Cindy P - Chronic eczema and Insomnia


I want to send a special thank you to Priyanka for taking the time to chat with me and help me! I am so grateful!

Monika M - Fever

Pune, India

Due to lockdown and work from home, My daily movements and activities were very much reduced as well as restricted. Initial 2 weeks of WFH was good. But later as there were no proper sitting arrangement as office, the new working style result into body pain, backpain and swelling on foot. I was not able to walk properly after sitting on same place for 2 hours. Generally rest at night should recovers all pain and one feels fresh in the morning. But it was reverse in my case. In the morning I was finding severer pain in my back and feet. After 7 days I consulted Dr. Priyanka. Medicine prescribed by her gave me 60-70% relief just in a day after 2 doses. I took medicine for 3 days and my backpain and swelling on foot reduced gradually. As suggested by Priyanka, I take break of 5 mins after every one hour - stretch body- small walk or little exercise [I am Lazy at a times] and my routine is set now. Next experience is more interesting.

I was feeling little down from morning. Not willing to eat, When I checked the temperature in the afternoon it was 101.5 F. Generally I get fever once every 6 months. But this time there was fear of CORONA. All clinics were closed due to Corona. I tried calling few doctors from my area. But no luck. By end of the day even body pain was developed and fever reached to 102.3 F. I took one Crocin but it also did not help. Actually we had never tried homeopathy medicine for fever and was not sure if it really will be Effective….. will it give me instant result. I messaged Dr. Priyanka in the evening, she called back immediately. After some question answers, she said all looks normal …still I should follow social distancing rules and should not go out. Just by taking first dose of medicine in next one hour my temperature was dropped to 99.3 F. I was able to sleep properly and in 3 days I recovered 100% .No body pain- No temperature.

I must admit here I was not sure about homeopathy medicine could help this effectively in case of fever. Earlier I was used to suffer for 4 to 5 days …3 times heavy medicines and at a times acidity and vomiting. But homeopathy medicine gave me relief within 2 hours and I recovered just in 3 days.. No Acidity…no bitter tablets … happy me 😊.

Thank you so much Priyanka.

Kashyap J - Allergic cold, recurrent stye

Rouma, Finland

I am Kashyap, an engineer by profession located in Finland. I suffered from allergic cold, in addition to breathlessness and disturbed sleep. 20-25 sneeze in a row was very common for me.  I consulted the doctor and started consuming allopathic medicine, but this gave me only short term relief. My work and family life both were affected resulting in disturbed life style. Further I encountered with stye. Within a span of 6 months it occurred multiple times which was immensely painful and made suffer my work. Prescriptions simply changed over the time and the effects were visible only on my pocket but not my ailments.

Later my mother based on her personal experience recommended Dr. Priyanka Jadhav for me to consult. I was not sure how the treatment would be effective over the phone, long distance. With all the questions in my mind for my disturbed sleep, recurrent allergic cold, Stye, I connected with her over phone call and shared my constant health issues. In my first session with her I was not prescribed any medication which I found weird as it was a habit with every visit to a doctor. Rather she was into ascertaining the root cause of my ailments understanding it from every aspect of me. Over the sessions and Homeopathic medications prescribed by her my body started overcoming all the difficulties which I was going through.

But later on, to top it all off I was diagnosed with high blood pressure the reading 169-119 left me stumped. My lab reports gave me alarming signals that something is definitely wrong internally which needed professional attention and guidance.  I was not able to perform any physical activity with my 100% effort. Even for normal climbing stairs I use to catch my breath. Before encountering these health issues I lead a very casual lifestyle just like any other youth, eating untimely unhealthy food, lack of physical activity and odd working hours. I had been told by the doctors that I have to live with all the ailments & the medications forever in my life, I was disheartened with the fact that I have to live with it.

But when I spoke with Dr. Priyanka and became acquainted with the fact that I can gradually get rid of these problems and avoid popping pills for my entire life, I saw a ray of hope. She helped me change my lifestyle in a healthy way. Also guided me over my eating habits and encouraged me to keep going until I achieved my milestone.  Moreover, to my surprise she suggested quiet a lot of alternative food items which was easily accessible. I was always been told to be mindful of whatever I am doing, which eventually helped me understand about myself more than ever before. Now my sleep quality and my ability to perform physical activities has improved drastically. My stye has not appeared again, my blood pressure readings are going back to normal. My ability to concentrate has increased.  I am greatly satisfied with the treatment I have received.  Cardiologist stopped my BP medicines in just 2 months. 

I found this online homeopathic consultation convenient even though I am in a foreign country. I highly recommend Dr. Priyanka Jadhav for any health ailments.

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