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Free meet and greet

Book a free 15 minutes session to meet and answer your questions about your the purpose of your appointment.

Consultation for acute issues 

This quick consultation is for acute or recent complaints. Acute symptoms can last for few hours or till a week. This appointment is typically for 15-20 minutes.

Fees: $55

Detailed Consultation with Case History

This is a thorough process in which we work together to understand the details of your case.

This appointment typically takes 2 hours.

Click here to read more on what to expect for this consultation.

Fees: $185

Follow Up Consultation

After an initial detailed consultation, a follow up appointment may be needed to understand the progress. These can be within 48 hours to a few weeks of the initial consultation.

This is typically 30 mins.

Fees $120

Diabetes Consultation

This consultation is done in 2 detailed sessions of about 2 hours each.

First Session includes chief and associated complaints with help of medical records and lab reports.

Second session includes detailed homeopathic case taking.

Click here to read more on what to expect for this consultation.


Flu consultation

This is for persistent Flu symptoms that may take days to normalize. In these consultations we will work together over 10 days with 5 check-ins to recover from flu.

Fees $145

Family Packages

I work with parents and kids. Each member of the family will have an initial detailed consultation. After that, we can have joint follow up consultations for your whole family. 


$185 for initial detailed consultation for each family member

$105 for follow ups for each family member.

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