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Free meet and greet

Free meet and greet is usually for a new client where we meet to broadly discuss your overall issues, explain the process and answer any questions you may have related to your purpose of the appointment.

This is typically a 15 mins session. 


Consultation for Acute Issues

Acute or quick consultations are for recent issues that need urgent attention. The symptoms for acute issues can persist for few hours to few days. In this appointment I try to understand your health issue and find a suitable remedy. You are expected to fill out a short questionnaire describing your issue in some details prior to the appointment. This helps me in studying your case before we meet. Depending on the nature of your issue we may need to schedule a follow up within 48 hours to a few days.

Typically this appointment lasts for 15-20 mins.


Detailed consultation with case history

This first appointment is for chronic conditions and is a very detailed oriented process. I will work with you to understand your recurrent symptoms, emotional responses, underlying root causes, along with your hobbies, sleep patterns, dreams among other things to get a holistic view of your issue. You are expected to complete a detailed case history form before the appointment. This will allow me enough time to study your case in detail before we meet. All of the information is strictly confidential and is stored according to privacy policy maintained here.

The appointment is typically about 2 hours. 


Follow up consultation

After the first detailed consultation you may require follow up appointment as necessitated by your case to understand the progress of the remedy. Follow ups may be required within 48 hours for acute cases. For chronic cases follow ups may be needed from 2 to 8 weeks. You are expected to track the symptoms as specified during the initial consultations.

These appointments are typically 30 mins.


Diabetes Consultation

Diabetes study and investigation involves more details than detailed consultation. Every diabetic person manifests unique and individualized symptoms. 

First session involves understanding

  • Chronology, intensity

  • Frequency of symptoms, what makes them worse or better 

  • Blood sugar level changes since the onset and fluctuations

  • Current conditions

  • Stresses and Lifestyle

  • Recording prior and current medicine and insulin course.

This session typically takes about 2 hours.​

Second session involves understanding the person as a whole and getting to know the root causes of diabetes. This session will be similar to the detailed consultation and will require the client to fill out the history form prior to the session.

This session typically takes about 2 to 2.30 hours.

For more detailed reading on diabetes, please download my Diabetes Ebook.

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