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Homeopathy and its approach

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Homeopathy got introduced to world in 1796. It is based on principle of ‘Like Cure Likes’. Homeopathic medicines known as remedies are soft, gentle, affordable, unique natural system of healing which triggers as immune response allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

It is safe for infants, suitable for children's taste buds, pregnant and nursing women, adults, old age and pets. It is also safe in acute and chronic and life threatening illnesses without any side effects under proper physician’s prescription.

Homeopathy is a science based on law of infinitesimal doses runs contrary to chemistry, pharmacology and thermodynamics. Its case taking aspect is an art in itself. In the context of professional treatment allows for a deeper view of its efficacy and its essence. Physicians know where and how homeopathy fits and where it does not. Instead of the over the counter self-medications, a treatment with and direct communication between the practitioner with the patients helps in understanding the problem in an unprejudiced way allowing the achieving the overall health objectives.

In homeopathy, disease is described as an expression of a deeper imbalance beyond physical symptoms. Since every individual is unique and different; the expression of disease will differ in each patient. Therefore each patient needs to be treated according to their pattern of individualized symptoms. This system thus strives to not only treat the superficial disease but also tries to understand the person as a whole to restore the body's internal capacity for natural healing.

Please note:

There are several misconceptions about homeopathy or it is not quite well understood in general populace. Homeopathy is not a general term that describes all the different forms of alternative therapies nor does it form a part of other natural therapies. Homeopathic remedies are derived and extracted from plants, minerals, or other biological sources. It is a completely unique and holistic healing system of medicine.

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