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The word स्वत्वं means स्व (self) and सत्व (essence). It is a journey of understanding the essence of self at emotional, mental and physical levels.

For every individual the way life is perceived, created and developed is different and unique. Its a process of understanding every individual in an unprejudiced way and consider each individual as a whole as a balance of mind, body and spirit. At Swattva we identify and understand the cause of imbalance and work with you to attain the equilibrium within.

Meet Priyanka

Priyanka is a practicing M.D. Homeopath since 10 years from India. An avid traveler, yoga practitioner, loves healthy and innovative cooking, certified Reiki, PLR (Past life regression) practitioner and a good conversationalist.

A firm believer in a holistic approach towards treating ailments. She imbibes aspects of yoga, food and meditation according to the patient's needs.




"I suffered from a severe episode of asthma with anxiety. I started loosing hope for my life & I will not be able to see my 4 small kids again. Her remedies helped me regain my normal breath back. No more anxiety. She is so incredibly patient, and so kind..."

High fever, Panic attack

"I had a high fever & panic attack just a day before my scholarship exam. After talking to Priyanka, I got some stability & her words motivated me. I took her homeopathic pills as per her advice. The very next day I could perform very well in my exams..."

Diabetes, Osteoarthritis

"I heard about Priyanka from a relative and they gave us a good feedback during pandemic. After I started her treatment I felt much better with frozen shoulder. I was unable to hold a glass of water earlier, the next month I could color my kitchen & I could carry my Grandson...."


"I had consulted her almost 5 years back for Migraine problem. I had tried allopathy before trying homeopathy, but it didn’t help. After starting my treatment with Dr. Priyanka, I could notice the positive difference within few days. Eventually Migraine is completely cured and now I m not facing that problem at all... "

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