स्वत्वं (Swattva)
 The essence of wellbeing 

Homeopathy and Reiki



The word taken from Sanskrit, its a journey of understanding the essence of self at emotional, mental and physical levels.

For every individual the way life is perceived, created and developed is different and unique. Its a process of understanding every individual in an unprejudiced way and consider each individual as a whole as a balance of mind, body and spirit. At Swattva we identify and understand the cause of imbalance and work with you to attain the equilibrium within.


Meet Priyanka

Priyanka is a practicing M.D. Homeopath since 10 years from India. An avid traveler, yoga practitioner, loves healthy and innovative cooking, certified Reiki, PLR (Past life regression) practitioner and a good conversationalist.

A firm believer in a holistic approach towards treating ailments. Imbibes aspects of yoga, food and meditation according to the patient's needs.